Mff per te

What is My first flash®?

My first flash ® (MFF) is the social network that allows you to share events, find and reconnect with people you saw or lost touch with, or you just noticed and you would like to meet again and of whom you remember only a few features, or allows you to meet new friends, all thanks to a “flash”.

Why registering with My first flash®?

If you have seen or met someone you would like to find again, if you took part in an event and would like to contact those who were there for a view exchange, if you want to leave a trace of your passage and share your interests and places you love the most, if you want to find out if someone has noticed you and is looking for you, or simply for the pleasure of being there, too. Register now!

How does My first flash® work for you?

If you are looking for someone you would like to find: Post your “Flash”, i.e. information concerning where you noticed the person you are looking for: date, location, a brief description of the clothes worn by the other person, possibly the event or situation in which you were … on foot … by bike … by train, in a plane… The Flash will be associated with your profile and allow other users, perhaps even to the person you are looking for, to find you!

Did you participate or will participate in an event?

Notify the place, date and possible situation event, perhaps someone is already looking for you! Now publish a Flash! You have to be registered. If you want to find out who attends your favourite places or events.

Use the search “Flash” to find other participants, filter profiles of your interest and explores the “Flash” to meet new friends.

My first flash ® is the new social network that is born and nourished by a “real flash” stemming from a memory, a moment of chance encounter, sharing a place or event! Search a Flash!

Create one Flash!