My first flash® was created from the intuition of a young Swiss, a dreamer with open eyes, who one day she came across a new experience ... her first flash!

Yes, because the mind is crowded with memories, lived moments, sudden illuminations when you think back to a moment, a memory, a coincidence that could change the meaning of a day, make your heart skip a beat, initiated a meeting or allowed to seize an opportunity. Now with My first flash you can recover emotions that seemed lost, all in a matter of seconds with a simple click or better with a flash back!

The proposed life situations and fleeting magical moments, My first helps to retrace your steps to find a person whose name you did not know, but you remember details such as the day, location or clothing worn when you saw them: you met at an event or on the beach, walking or in a plane, in a pub or on a cruise or at boarding gates... for different destinations. You may create a flash everywhere!

My first flash® is the social network, with trademark in Switzerland and in Europe, able to share the experience of going back in time, helping to trace the profile of people seen, glimpsed or noticed with whom one has lost touch and who might as well be trying to reassemble the pieces to relive the encounter. It is the new “telematic info-point” created in Switzerland, thanks to which, even “without identity”, people describe themselves... they tell of themselves... and get a second chance!

Registration on the website is free and using the dedicated My first flash® App is accessible on Smart Phones and Tablet without limitations.

Why register on My first flash ®?

Simply because ... If you have seen or met someone who has made ​​your heart skip a beat, if you took part in an event and would like to contact those who took part as well, if you want to leave a trace of your passage and share your interests and places you love, if you want to find out if someone has noticed you and is looking for you, or simply for the pleasure of being there, as well.

How does My first flash® work?

If you are looking for someone you would like to find again

Post your “Flash”, i.e. data of the situation in which you noticed the person you are looking for: date, location, a brief description, if necessary, the event or the situation where you both were. The Flash will be associated with your profile and allow other users, perhaps even the person you are looking for, to create a MATCH to find information.

If you participated or will participate to an event

Specify the location, fate and possible event situation: maybe someone is looking for you!

If you want to find out who goes to the same places as you or shares your same interests

Use the search “Flash” to find the other participants, filter profiles of your interest and explore the “Flash” to meet new friends. My first flash ® is the new social network that is born and nourished by a “real flash” stemming from a memory, a moment of chance encounter, sharing a place or event!